Friday, January 28, 2022

I think of baptism

soak-pans - CV Water Counts

each time
I leave pans
to soak 
I think of baptism

it is morning 
and last night
I did not want 
to wrestle and scour
stubborn stuck bits

so I left the pan
in a sink full
of sudsy water
in the dark kitchen
to sleep

the stuck and stubborn 
bits do not 
put up the fight 
they had in them 
when they seemed unyielding
--they wash away easily

and I think of being
dunked in the river

the hopeful lined up 
in the hot sun waiting

their stubborn bits
already mellowing 
at the promise of how
water dissolves our edges

since we are mostly water
on a planet mostly water
so much of it salty

and how much depends
on the salt water flowing 
down my face

washing away the 
stubborn stuck bits

the ocean I carry inside
ready to baptize me 
into the world's ocean

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