Friday, August 14, 2015

don't be evil

There’s a Google vehicle parked across the street in front of my neighbor’s house. Idling, windows rolled up. Why the vehicle needs to be on, I don’t know since it’s an unseasonably cool 73 degrees this Midwestern August day.

But the Google fiber guy inside is on the phone jotting on a clipboard, probably connected to work and the almighty golden Google grid.

The Google guy, this conduit of connectivity, does not see the connection between his idling and climate change as he works to foster greater worldwide connection for my neighbor. My neighbor, at any moment, will come outside with his gas blower to ‘clean’ the sidewalk of errant blades of pointless just mowed grass by blowing them into the street so they’ll get washed down into the sewer system which is not intended for lawn debris (Ah debris: that fabricated category for things we can’t be bothered to see our connection to because we’re so busy connected to the internet of the insipid).

Yes, I’m so glad we have GOOGLE fiber in my neighborhood. Maybe the neighbor and I can have a conversation regarding the connection between the gas mower and blower he uses for his 4 x 4 lawn and the planet. Maybe we can connect about lawn debris. Maybe we can connect about how all this will impact his baby’s future. Chances are we won’t. Chances are, instead, he’ll ask me to connect over Candy Crush Saga.

The most connected generation and we’re harnessing all that access to knowledge for diversion instead. 

Thanks, Google fiber guy. What’s the temperature on your planet? Doesn’t matter. It’s cool and comfy in your vehicle.